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Nuestra historia



Filtros Cartés: Global specialist in filtration.

Filtros Cartés is currently one of the best-known companies in the industry and a leader in filtration systems.
Over these 45 years we have become the leading filtration specialist in Spain, with over 9,000 m2 of storage facilities in Madrid, Andalusia, Catalonia and Galicia. We supply more than 100 different brands and we have 800,000 filters in stock and 60,000 references, delivered to over “X” countries across the world. We provide solutions for all kinds of activities, from mobile applications in the automotive industry, transport, public works and agriculture to filtration in such diverse industries as paper, machine tools, mining, food and energy, among others.
For a number of years, to meet the needs of our customers, we have developed our own brands –Step Filters and Aldair Industrial Filtration-, to provide a service to companies requiring more specific filters or new brands to set themselves apart, without sacrificing quality, price or service.
Everything that Filtros Cartés now represents is down to the eagerness of our professionals to broaden their expertise in filtration, so that the service that they provide to our customers gets better every day.

Over 40 years ago

Customer-orientation through specialisation, a principle that has endured

Filtros Cartés had just been created, the result of the visionary idea of its founder, Vindemial Aldea Carrera. With small premises in the Elipa district of Madrid and product knowledge mostly acquired during his years working at Filtros Cribex, Vindemial started supplying filters for automobiles.

Nothing but filters: an original idea, which would go on to give rise to a project full of hope and challenges.

During the subsequent years, new brands were added to the product range and they started exploring other industries such as industrial vehicles and machinery for heavy duty.

1985: Establishing our reputation in the industry

Our customers needed us to be nearer.

The company was growing is terms of size, staff and its range of products and in 1985 it moved to a building with more than 2,000m2 on Calle Pradillo.

In those days, our customers knew that, if they needed a filter they would find it at Filtros Cartés.

The company started to become a market leader in filtration and the satisfaction of its customers was a clear reflection of the importance given to service by Filtros Cartés.

After several years of growth, we expanded our service with the opening of our office in Catalonia and we increased our presence throughout the Mediterranean area.

2001: New sectors and a team capable of giving advice on any area of filtration

Specialisation and service objectives

The specialisation and service objectives promoted by Vindemial Aldea were already part of the business culture of Filtros Cartés when the industrial department was created: a new line of work that opened up new markets and required engineers who were capable of working hand in hand with customers to ensure the efficiency of processes through optimal filtration systems.

The new plant was opened in Coslada, with 5,000m2, and the volume of stock was increased to XXXX units, including complete ranges of filters for automobiles, industrial filters, filters for public works and agriculture etc.

The final development of the service was supported by the Filtros Cartés website: a ground-breaking tool in the parts industry.

2002-2007: Entering the international market

After many years of specialisation, Filtros Cartés had become a byword for service, stock and choice.

Our professionals were well-known for their expertise and the time had come for international expansion and the development of new technological solutions that would facilitate the daily work of our customers.

2007: Another step forward in service.

Full coverage

A central warehouse in Madrid, an office in Catalonia and, finally, an opening in Andalusia, meant that the entire Spanish market was being covered.

2009: New business lines, being true to our principles.

Step Filters, Step Industrial Filters y Aldair Industrial Filtration

: In a mature market with a high customer retention rate, once again we focused on our customers, who needed new solutions, more competitive prices, products that were difficult to find and quality.

Hence the creation of our brands, Step Filters and Aldair, another way of enabling us to meet our customers' needs.

2010: As enthusiastic as ever.

As enthusiastic as ever.

Our teams continue to strive to broaden their expertise in filtration, so that the service that they provide to our customers gets better every day.
So, in each department of Filtros Cartés, we work continuously to develop new product ranges (Step Process Filters), new technological solutions (dBiZ), new domestic and international markets and, naturally, to be closer to our customers.

We are here to learn , do we filter?

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Customer service hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 19:15.